Five Reasons to Choose Defensive Drivers Group California Traffic School

When choosing the right California traffic school for you, it’s never a good idea to pick a course solely based on price or to just pick one at random from a google search. There are plenty of scams out there and traffic schools with hidden fees or just plain low-quality courses for the amount of money they charge. 

At Defensive Drivers Group California traffic school we truly believe in providing the highest quality defensive driving course at a reasonable price. Check out our five reasons to choose Defensive Drivers Group California below. 

#1. Licensed by the California DMV as a traffic violator school

As shown above, we are a licensed traffic violator school in the state of California. This is a very important thing to check when researching traffic schools, even if it seems obvious. This certificate verifies that we are a legitimate business, here to help you master defensive driving techniques and wipe those points off of your license. 

#2. Amazing customer feedback about traffic school

Our California traffic school course is expertly designed and brilliantly written. But don’t just take our word for it, go check out our customer feedback, like what William S. had to say after taking our course.

“Course was easy to take, informative and no gotcha type of questions. Course was also designed with common sense. Very satisfied” – William S. 

We always welcome feedback from traffic school customers and work to tackle any problem that customers bring up. 

#3. Easy to pass our open book exam 

More than 99% of our students who take our California traffic school final exam pass on the first try. On top of that, you only need a 70% on the exam to pass. 

We’re here to help you, not hurt you. That’s why we crafted our California traffic school course to be as informative as possible, while also being easy to pass, so you can get back on the road and back to your life. 

#4. Works around your schedule 

We understand that no one wants to sit down and finish their California traffic school course all at once; who has time for that anyway? That’s why we made it so you can log in and work on the traffic school course on your time, at your pace. So you can work on it in the line at the grocery store on your phone, in bed on your ipad, on your lunch break at work, just not while you’re driving of course. 

#5. Great customer support 

You wouldn’t trust a retail store with a non-responsive customer support line, so why trust a California traffic school? At Defensive Drivers Group we make sure to be there for our customers through every step of the California traffic school course. If you’re confused or experiencing a problem with the course, we’ll be happy to help. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our course or you’re ready to get started today, check out our sign up page.