What to Know Before Going to an Online BDIC Driver Improvement Course in Michigan

Michigan emblem "The great state of Michigan"Online defensive driving school, also called traffic school, is the generic term for an online course that allows drivers to brush up on their driving skills following a moving violation. In the state of Michigan, this is called the Basic Driver Improvement Course, or Michigan BDIC for short. 

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth taking the Michigan basic driver improvement program, I highly suggest that you take it. Although completion of the course will not take the ticket off of your driving record, it will prevent points from being added against your license and it will prevent the state from revealing the ticket information to your insurance company, potentially saving you from an increase in your insurance. 

Before you start searching for BDIC in Michigan, there are some important things you should know. You need to know if you are eligible to take the course, what you will actually learn in the course, and how to choose the right defensive driving course for you. 

Are you eligible? 

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While most people are eligible to take the course itself, what’s important is that you are eligible to receive the benefits of taking the course. 

If you have received a letter in the mail from the Secretary of State of Michigan saying that you are eligible to take this course, you’re all set. If you haven’t received a letter but you still want to take this course, check out the eligibility requirements below, straight from the Michigan.gov website

  • You have a valid Michigan, non-commercial license, with two or fewer points on your record,
  • The violation was not in a Commercial Motor Vehicle,
  • The violation was not a criminal offense,
  • The ticket you received is eligible (e.g., must be for three or fewer points, not for careless or negligent driving, etc.) 

What does the course teach?

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Basic driver improvement courses teach generally the same information that is taught in other defensive driving schools across the U.S. 

Some of the concepts covered in the Michigan BDIC course are listed below. These examples are straight from Defensive Drivers Group Michigan’s course.  

  • What a yield sign really means (you may be surprised)
  • Cell phone and texting laws
  • Children: when can they ride in front?
  • The basic speed law: why driving the speed limit may not be enough
  • The special rules for blind intersections
  • 4-way stop: who has the right of way?
  • Fog: 6 tips for safe driving
  • The 5 things you must do at a traffic accident
  • 4 tips to stay safe if you see a drunk driver

The typical structure of an online defensive driving school course is a lesson followed by a quiz. These lessons will cover the topics above (and more), and most courses will require an exam at the end of the course covering the topics learned throughout the course. 

How do you find an online BDIC school in Michigan?

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There is no central government BDIC course for Michigan, or for any state for that matter. The Secretary of State of Michigan approves “sponsors” who create courses that meet the requirements of the state.  

Defensive Drivers Group Michigan is an example of a state approved sponsor. 

With a quick Google search of BDIC schools in Michigan, there will be seemingly endless options to choose from, some looking more legitimate than others. In order to make sure that the courses you are considering are the right choice for you, use this criteria below to weed out the uncertain options and find a defensive driving school that is trustworthy, low priced, and informative. 

  • Make sure the course is approved by the Secretary of State of Michigan
  • Check for 5-star reviews 
  • Make sure the price is not too high 
  • Make sure the course has a flexible schedule 
  • Make sure the company has a responsive and helpful customer support line 

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to find the right defensive driving school for you, start off your search by visiting Defensive Drivers Group Michigan to see all the benefits we have to offer at an incredibly low price.